Man, what to say about 26.  If you’ve been following me on this adventure I call life over the last few years, you’d probably agree this past year has been one for the memory books.  I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am for the opportunities and people that have helped make this past year one of, if not the most incredible year of my life.

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Starting back in November of 2011, I had an amazing opportunity to attend my first ever press intro in Knoxville Tennessee with Kawasaki Motor Corporation.  I was asked to ride and rate the all new Teryx 4 UTV for  The experience was unreal and Kawasaki put on one heck of an intro.  What’s more, I had the opportunity to meet and make several new friends among the ATV media.  Being able to work with manufacturers and be considered somewhat of a “peer” to people who’s work I’ve been reading for years is an unreal blessing.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and in early December, with the help of a good friend Bryce Hudson, I was able to achieve a significant milestone by getting back to riding freestyle motocross. ...continue reading

Have you ever wished that you could gaze into the future and catch a glimpse of yourself, who you you’ll become, and what your legacy will be?  To see your spouse, your kids or know what your life’s work would be?  I’ve often wondered if I could look into a crystal ball and see one day out of the rest of my life, what day would that be?  I use to think it would be my wedding day because, lets face it, as a young single I was scared to death I’d never meet someone and if I could see my wedding day then I could finally breath a sigh of relief.

As time has gone on my opinion about what day I’d want to see has changed drastically.  So many people today are afraid to talk about death and the end of your life but in all honesty, if I could peer into the future and see one day out of the rest of my life I think I would want to visit my own funeral. ...continue reading

I wrote this over a year ago and never posted it but I think it lends a lot of perspective to how you measure personal success.

Some would suggest I must not have very lofty goals.

Quite the contrary.  Like many kids around the world, my greatest desire was to reach the pinnacle of the sport of ATV freestyle motocross and ride as a member of the Bomb Squad, the best of the best.  Through a lot of hard work, perseverance, the right connections and I believe Gods favor, I have been for the last year.

I had hoped to one day visit Ensenada Mexico for the Baja 1000 and meet Wes Miller, Wayne Matlock and the rest of their crew and watch them do work on the Baja Peninsula as I read about in magazines for years.  ...continue reading

Since leaving California, one of my greatest concerns has been staying involved in the industry I have come to know and love.  I’ve spent the last four years pursuing somewhat of a lifelong dream and the last two and half years living out different parts of that dream in amazing and unexpected ways.

Despite my concerns, it amazes me the doors that God has opened in the same amount of time.  Many of the opportunities I’ve had since coming here would not have been possible if I was still tied down with my prior job at DWT.

Backing up a bit, sending an email to the editor of my favorite magazine was quite possibly one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.  Many of you know the story of how I initially got involved in working with the media and the opportunities that have come along since have been nothing short of amazing. ...continue reading

We bring glory to God by trusting in times of uncertainty.  Every time I walk through a new or trying situation the walls of doubt and confusion seem to close in.  No matter how much I cry out to God, I can’t seem to shake the feelings of “what if.”  What if I’m doing the wrong thing?  What if I miss out on what He has for me?  What if I made the wrong decision way back when and that has lead me to where I’m at today, which is a place I was never suppose to be?!

We so quickly forget that God causes all things to work together for good.  That no matter what decisions we’ve made that have lead us to this point, He is infinitely capable of using our situation to bring about His purpose.  Despite what we think, He doesn’t need us.  Oddly enough sometimes He chooses to use us but God almighty, the maker of the universe, doesn’t need my pidley, self centered prideful self to accomplish his purposes. ...continue reading

Four years ago, almost to the day, I took the first steps on this crazy journey that has lead me to the very place I sit today.  Little did I know the excitement that would soon follow or the sweat, blood, tears, finances and emotion that would be expelled along the way,  but looking back now it’s amazing to see how God has worked all the pieces together to bring me to this place.

The single largest gathering of motorsport companies in the country was meeting in Indianapolis Indiana and I happened to be just a few hours away attending college.  I was no stranger to the Dealer Expo and had always longed for an opportunity to meet riders and rub elbows with some of the biggest names and companies in my industry.  This particular year, with the help of my father and one of his business contacts, I was able to score a pass to the three day event.  I didn’t know much about networking at the time but I knew if ever there was an opportunity to land a job in this industry, this was it. ...continue reading

A lot can change in a year.  I recall wanting to write a letter to myself at this time last year in hopes that I could look back a year later and see if or how things had improved.  Thing is, I was too frustrated with my circumstances to bring myself to sit down and write about it.

It’s crazy to me how much can happen in a years time.  Those who know me know that I’m an eager self starter always ready for the next adventure.  My life changed almost over night when I had the opportunity to move to California, now over two years ago.  ...continue reading


About a week ago I had the incredible opportunity to overcome something that's been on my mind for almost a year and a half.  Most of you know that freestyle motocross has been a passion of mine for a long time and the opportunity to move to Southern California to pursue it full time was a dream come true.  I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for the opportunities I've had over the last two years since moving here.  It's been one blessing after another and there are so many incredible people that have been instrumental in helping me pursue this dream. ...continue reading