I miss this guy.  Terribly.  Our friendship came about in the most unlikely of circumstances.  In fact, in the years after college, we both admitted that we didn’t really like each other at first.

My first dose of Randy was in a shuttle from the ST Louis Airport back to Greenville College where we both were arriving as freshman for college football camp.  I hopped in the van to be greeted by this rather interesting looking character with shoulder length hair, a bandana and tie dyed shirt who was clutching a ceramic statue of a monkey on a surf board. ...continue reading

I remember the first time I “met” Caleb.  An editor from a magazine spied a photo of my ratty new freestyle ramp on facebook and asked if I’d be interested in doing a story on building ramps.  He recommended I get some feedback from Caleb to give the story some credibility.

I reached out to him through facebook and to my complete awe, he responded and gave me his phone number.  I sat in my living room in Dufur Oregon that night and dialed his number, in complete disbelief when he came on the phone.

I had watched Caleb’s career explode through the lens of youtube from my dorm room at college.  I was overcome with envy and respect for this guy that could ride an ATV like no other.  As I moved on from college and out into the real world, my greatest dream became to work with and around Caleb and the Bomb Squad freestyle team. ...continue reading