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This blog has gone through more facelifts than I can count. If you've followed me for any length of time you've undoubtedly seen my focus shift from "dreamer" to "coach" or would-be expert in any number of fields. I'm entrepreneurial minded, almost to a fault.  Because I work in marketing, I understand building a brand and "selling" it as the perceived premier product.  I've tried doing that with myself more than once and every time I end up consumed with me. With my life, my story, my success and my money.

It doesn't help that the world is fighting to convince each of us that we are really all that matters.  Your health, your happiness, your fitness your career. That you DESERVE to be happy. You DESERVE to have whatever you want and if you don't, you're somehow missing out. I've bought into the lie on more than one occasion and every time I end up back at the same place.

The more I make life about me, the less I actually enjoy it.
The more I try to force my plan, the more frustrated I become.
The more I try to plan or control the future, the more anxious I become.

I've learned some amazing and painful lessons over the last ten years.  I've had moments of monumental success and crashing failures (literally).   All of them have lead to the present.

And that looks like this:

I'm 29 years old and I grew up in a small town in central Oregon.  Since then I've lived in Illinois, California, South Carolina, Nevada and now I reside in North Carolina.

I have a beautiful wife named Kelsey and an awesome furbaby name Lizzy.  Our life is simple.  And we are humbled daily, that God would see fit to bless us with all that we have.

I used to really enjoy writing about whatever came to my mind.  Then I got so focused on myself and selling myself as an expert that I quite writing about the things that I enjoy and thought I could only write about things that related to my brand. Consequently I quit writing all together.

I want to write again. About anything and everything that comes to mind.  So I'm rebranding again, but this time as me.  The real me.  I hope you are encouraged, entertained and maybe even challenged by some of what I write here.

If anything I've written has resonated with you I would love to hear about it.



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