Smart Cents: FREE easy to use budget guide

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Lets face it, there's nothing sexy about a budget.  For most people it's boring, painful and confusing.  However there IS something sexy about money in the bank, paying off debt and paying cash for the things you want and that's why I created this easy to use budget template.  Just enter you income and expenses and the spreadsheet will do the rest. Remember, be as thorough as possible to get a better picture of where your money is actually going.

Download my self calculating spreadsheet here: Budget Template

I know, I'm breaking all the rules of blogging by giving something away without asking you to subscribe but if you found this valuable and you think you want more information on budgeting, job hunting, networking and figuring out this journey called life, you can subscribe to my email list here.

What is (or was) the biggest hang up that has kept you from creating a budget? 

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