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I can’t help but think that much of today’s mainstream music lacks a certain “real life” value that was present before the age of Insta fame, Youtube stars and of course the current state of the music industry where so many “artists” don’t write any of their own music. 

For the longest time, music was largely birthed out of a person’s circumstance or experience and that is part of what made a song so impactful.  I don’t hate songs that are solely meant to be fun but amidst all the “Whipping and nae nae -ing” I can’t help but think that we’ve lost some of purity that makes music so moving and inspiring to begin with. ...continue reading


A few months ago I was in Oregon on a “business” trip with some friends.  From the airport we were suppose to jump on I 205 and head for southern Oregon.  Somehow, in leaving the airport one of the cars managed to get on 205 north and started heading toward Seattle.

After a couple phone calls and figuring out where they were, we got them turned around and back on course.

The purpose of this little story is to illustrate that direction, not intention, determines your destination.  My friends, although well intended, were headed in the wrong direction.  They needed to go south and they were heading north.  No amount of positive thinking, hard work or will power could change the fact that if they kept going in that direction, they would end up farther and farther from their destination. ...continue reading

For some reason I have a really detailed memory.  I can actually remember my third birthday and I can remember, with great clarity, a good portion of my elementary years.

There was a kid in my first grade class who’s lot in life seemed to be getting everyone else in trouble.  One day in particular, upon finishing our morning prayer, the fellow raised his hand and informed the teacher that one of the other students had their eyes open during the WHOLE prayer. ...continue reading

Have you ever felt like God was treating you unfairly?  Like you’re doing all that you can and no matter what you do, things just don’t seem to turn around.  Everyday it’s something else.  The kid is in trouble, the check engine light came on or your mom is back in the hospital.  It seems like life’s biggest challenges come all at once and so often it feels like there’s nothing more we can do.  We throw our hands up and blame God.

I know I have.

There have been times where I felt like I was trying to live out what I believed to be His will and nothing would stick.  Every door I knocked on was closed.  Not just closed but slammed in my face.  Every little victory was met with more defeat and on numerous occasions I recall throwing my hands up and shouting “What more do you want?” ...continue reading

I hate being wrong.  Even when I know that I’m wrong I will go to great lengths to skew the situation so as to lesson the level of my wrongness.  In reality, I’m just avoiding the humiliation of being wrong and accepting defeat.

I don’t know why I do that.  Especially because I hate it when other people do the same thing.  I find myself wondering, “Why can’t you just admit you’re wrong?”

I think the answer is the same for everyone.  Being wrong admits we are weak.  We don’t like to be weak.  It’s a shot at our pride. ...continue reading

It's tough letting go.  I don’t know how many times I’ve had something staring me in the face that I knew I just had to have and for one reason or another, I had to let it go.  Maybe not indefinitely, but for a time I had to bring myself to a place of handing it over to God while being open to the possibility that it might just not be for me.

This can be anything.  A person, a relationship, a pursuit.  There are SO many things in life that are outside of our control and no matter how much time we commit or energy we expel, we just cannot seem to make them our own.  We strategize, scheme and implement yet somehow we always wind up with an empty sack.  That’s tough.  It’s even harder when you see so many around you enjoying the very thing you are working so hard to obtain. ...continue reading

Down by a point with four seconds on the clock and the opposing teams’ best player at the free-throw line didn’t inspire much hope.  My dream of making it to the state basketball tournament in my final year of high school looked near impossible.  After sinking the first of two shots, my hope sank even further.

We were in a battle for second place with this team.  The winner would move on to the district tournament with the best chance of advancing to the state tournament.  I had been praying all year long that we would make it to state.  I wasn’t so much concerned with how well we did there, more so I wanted to go out with a bang my senior year and have the exciting experience of making it to the state tournament.

As he stepped to the line for his final shot, no doubt the one that would seal our fate, I muttered under my breath, “God, some how, some way please make this happen.”

I was in the lowest position on the left side of the court.  As he released the ball I stepped forward to position myself for a rebound in the event that he missed.  To my shock, he did.  The ball ricocheted off the rim and into my waiting arms.  Instinctively, I started down the court not really sure what would, or could happen in the remaining seconds of the game.

I dribbled the ball about three times making it to the 28 foot mark on the far side of the court.  I took one final step, aimed and released.  The ball sailed 66 feet toward the hoop, banked off the backboard and into the basket, barely ahead of the buzzer.  We won.  The room went ballistic. It was the kind of moment you dream about but you only see in movies.  The court filled with people and even parents from the opposing team congratulated me on the way to the locker room.  I was in awe.  Not of my skill, but of God’s goodness.  I was the last person who should have taken, or made that shot. ...continue reading