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I can’t help but think that much of today’s mainstream music lacks a certain “real life” value that was present before the age of Insta fame, Youtube stars and of course the current state of the music industry where so many “artists” don’t write any of their own music. 

For the longest time, music was largely birthed out of a person’s circumstance or experience and that is part of what made a song so impactful.  I don’t hate songs that are solely meant to be fun but amidst all the “Whipping and nae nae -ing” I can’t help but think that we’ve lost some of purity that makes music so moving and inspiring to begin with. ...continue reading

Relationships nowadays are tricky. Marriage is even trickier. I’m only six months in but I can assure you that culture doesn’t have a clue and that most of my preconceived expectations about marriage (insert cheesy nonsense from Jerry McGuire etc) were wrong. Marriage is far greater than I had expected but very, very different. ...continue reading


I’m about a month away from getting married.  My fiancé and I have been together for almost two and a half years, most of it long distance.  As we inch closer and closer the big day, I’ve become more keenly aware of some simple do’s and don’ts that make life, and our relationship, so much more enjoyable.  These aren’t hard and fast, they’re simply things that we’ve found to work for us and I think most people would find, can really help eliminate some of the petty issues that arise in relationships. ...continue reading

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When I first moved in with a young married couple in California I was VERY cautious.  It was, after all, their home and it was spacious to say the least.  The woman did an amazing job of keeping house and I felt very blessed to live there.

So as not to wear out my welcome, I went to great lengths not to disrupt their lives or her seemingly perfect and orderly household.  I took off my shoes when entering, kept all my belongings in my room and I never even considered leaving a dirty dish in the sink.  Then a funny thing happened, I got comfortable.

Over time as I became more and more comfortable with them and got used to living under their roof, my habits slid a little.  I started wearing my shoes around the house and leaving my personal affects on the table or counter.  If the dishwasher was clean and needed emptying rather than empty it, I confess on more than one occasion I just left my dishes in the sink.  I even started resting my shoes or grubby bare feet on the coffee table in the living room.  Although I witnessed other people do it from time to time, I can’t imagine she appreciated that.  In short, I got comfortable with “the way things were” and my habits changed. ...continue reading