Job satisfaction is a relatively modern concept.  Ask your grandparents if they felt a great deal of satisfaction in the workplace and you'll probably get a puzzled look.  Most of our grandparents, certainly, our great grandparents, lived in a time where you did what you had to, to survive.  Work was a means of providing for a family, not a source of fulfillment or satisfaction.

Today our culture is quite different.  Today if you don't have a job that you love you're missing something.  Today if you're not thinking two steps ahead, planning your next move or climbing the ladder, you're in danger of being left behind.  And if you don't enjoy what you do every day, you need to quit and go do what makes you happy. ...continue reading

Relationships nowadays are tricky. Marriage is even trickier. I’m only six months in but I can assure you that culture doesn’t have a clue and that most of my preconceived expectations about marriage (insert cheesy nonsense from Jerry McGuire etc) were wrong. Marriage is far greater than I had expected but very, very different. ...continue reading

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Dave Envelopes BudgetI’m a compulsive saver.  As early as five years old I can remember hoarding my allowance and in the event that I splurged on a new toy, I made sure I always had something left in reserve.

For that reason I always thought a budget seemed, well…beneath me.  Because I have a propensity to save, I never really thought I needed one.  Every payday I would make a mental note of the bills that needed to come out of that check and allow myself around $250 to cover me for gas, eating out and whatever other small expenses might arise.  The rest got dumped into savings.

Some months this method seemed to work well.  Others not so much and I would be digging money out of savings or worse yet, putting it on a credit card just to “float it” until the next pay period. ...continue reading


I miss this guy.  Terribly.  Our friendship came about in the most unlikely of circumstances.  In fact, in the years after college, we both admitted that we didn’t really like each other at first.

My first dose of Randy was in a shuttle from the ST Louis Airport back to Greenville College where we both were arriving as freshman for college football camp.  I hopped in the van to be greeted by this rather interesting looking character with shoulder length hair, a bandana and tie dyed shirt who was clutching a ceramic statue of a monkey on a surf board. ...continue reading

I remember the first time I “met” Caleb.  An editor from a magazine spied a photo of my ratty new freestyle ramp on facebook and asked if I’d be interested in doing a story on building ramps.  He recommended I get some feedback from Caleb to give the story some credibility.

I reached out to him through facebook and to my complete awe, he responded and gave me his phone number.  I sat in my living room in Dufur Oregon that night and dialed his number, in complete disbelief when he came on the phone.

I had watched Caleb’s career explode through the lens of youtube from my dorm room at college.  I was overcome with envy and respect for this guy that could ride an ATV like no other.  As I moved on from college and out into the real world, my greatest dream became to work with and around Caleb and the Bomb Squad freestyle team. ...continue reading

Man, what to say about 26.  If you’ve been following me on this adventure I call life over the last few years, you’d probably agree this past year has been one for the memory books.  I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am for the opportunities and people that have helped make this past year one of, if not the most incredible year of my life.

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Starting back in November of 2011, I had an amazing opportunity to attend my first ever press intro in Knoxville Tennessee with Kawasaki Motor Corporation.  I was asked to ride and rate the all new Teryx 4 UTV for ATVsource.com.  The experience was unreal and Kawasaki put on one heck of an intro.  What’s more, I had the opportunity to meet and make several new friends among the ATV media.  Being able to work with manufacturers and be considered somewhat of a “peer” to people who’s work I’ve been reading for years is an unreal blessing.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and in early December, with the help of a good friend Bryce Hudson, I was able to achieve a significant milestone by getting back to riding freestyle motocross. ...continue reading

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One of the many hats I wore while working for DWT/Motoworks was that of sponsorship director.  In that role I reviewed proposals and negotiated contracts for hundreds of racers from top professionals to first timers and everyone in between.  Having an insiders perspective on the sponsorship process and responding to literally hundreds of requests gave me a new understanding of the companies position when it comes to deciding who to help and to what extent.

Below is a compilation of Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind as you go about seeking sponsors to support your racing.  I may seem a bit brash in my explanations but every point is  addressed because it was a specific situation I dealt with at one point or another. ...continue reading

I've had the unique opportunity over the last year to work with Can-Am on some of their television and web promotional materials.  You can read all about my first trip with Can-AM and driving their entire 2013 lineup HERE.

More recently I had the incredible opportunity to drive their brand new industry leading side by side, the Can-Am Maverick, for film and photos.  ...continue reading