Entrepreneurship 101: The Platform

So you've got an idea and you want to get it out there.  Whether it's a product or a service, the most important aspect of making your brand known is having a platform.  Advertising, word of mouth and other forms of marketing are incredibly beneficial but if you don't have a platform for customers to come back to where they can learn more about you or your brand, you're fighting a losing battle.

In this day and age a website or a blog is the simplest and most important platform to have.  Regardless of the product or service you're offering, if people don't know you exist they'll never find you.  Even more, if you're out in the world and you know you could satisfy a need for someone but don't have any samples of your work that you can direct them back to, it's likely going to be a hard sale.  A website or blog is the easiest and most effective way to get your name or brand out where it can be seen.

When someone needs a painter a plumber or an interior designer where do they go?  The days of perusing the yellow pages are just about gone and Google is the new info source for anything and everything.  If someone were to sit down and Google the product or service that you're offering, they may not find your listing off the bat, but if you don't have some sort of an online platform you're eliminating yourself from the race before it starts.

I met an aspiring videographer recently who has a passion and a talent for film making.  He does quality work but beyond posting to Youtube he had no platform from which to market himself or his services.  He was asking me how he could take a step forward and I told him it was imperative that he build a website.  While he was doing all the right things, making a presence at all the right events, networking with other filmers and constantly honing his skills, he had no place for customers to go and see his work.  I told him it was imperative that he build a website and get business cards made up to channel people back to his site.

The light came on as he recalled just a few days before someone asked him if he had a business card.  The guy was interested in having some film work done but with no info to give him in the form of a business card and no platform to direct him to for work samples etc, there wasn't much more he could do beyond have a conversation.

There is a plethora of information available on building websites and blogs for free or next to nothing and I'll touch more on some of them later.  The most important thing is realizing when you have an idea, good or service if you don't have a platform from which to display from, its going to be hard to get anyone on board. 

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