Facebook Marketing Musts!

If you’re one of over a billion people on the planet that has a Facebook account and you own a business, chances are pretty good that you have a Facbeook page for your business.

If you have a Facebook page for your business, chances are also pretty good that you’re not getting the traffic, or the results, from your business Facebook page that you’d like.  You just created the page because, well…you’re suppose to right?

Amy Porterfield, in my opinion, is the authority on the subject of Facebook marketing and if you have ANY desire to ramp up your FB marketing campaign, it is imperative that you “like” her on Facebook, follow her blog and partake in any of the amazingly valuable and FREE Facebook marketing webinars she provides her audience.

I recently took part in a webinar hosted by James Wedmore in which Amy discussed some absolute Facebook marketing musts and below I give you the cliff notes version of that presentation. To get all the good stuff, you’ll have to start following her yourself but if you do only these things below you’re doing more than the vast majority of businesses on Facebook.

Facebook by the Numbers
In answer to the why it’s imperative that all businesses have and maintain a Facebook page Amy started with some staggering statistics.

  • 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day.
  • 2.5 billion content items are shared on Facebook every day.
  • 2.7 billion “likes” are handed out on Facebook every day.
  • Facebook has over 1 billion users (1 in 7 people ON THE PLANET has a Facebook account)
  • 93% of businesses that have a Facebook page have acquired at least 1 customer from Facebook.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, Amy uses some buzzwords and the one she uses most frequently is “targeted.”  Because Facebook has millions and millions of users, marketing to the masses will only get your message lost.  To successfully use Facebook as a marketing tool you have to define your audience and market specifically to those users that might have an interest in your business.

Brand Identity
She provided 4 imperative principles to establishing your brand and getting results on Facebook.

Step one, optimize your Facebook foundation.  I won’t go into all the details but what I found particularly helpful were her guidelines pertaining to your cover photo and how to use it to professionally represent your brand (believe it or not Facebook actually limits what you can include in your cover photo) as well as specific information on linking your personal profile to your business profile because, if you’re like most people, your personal page is currently getting more action than you business page.

And of course, maximize the “About” feature to include engaging info about your business as well as a link to your website since in the end, that’s where you want customer to go so they can make a purchase.

Step two involves specific ways you can grow a lucrative fan base of quality leads.

She shared an interesting statistic, reported by Hubspot, that businesses reported a 185% increase in traffic to their website after reaching 1,000 fans.  That means reaching that number while posting regularly and constantly engaging your audience is crucial to developing a loyal fan base.

A few of the specific things she highlighted that are so quick and easy to do but so often overlooked are:

  • Linking your personal profile to your business page which is easy to do in the about me section.
  • Create a custom URL so customers can quickly and easily find you on Facebook.  Facebook initially assigns you some sort of goofy code when you create a page.  You can change the URL to something that more specifically represents your brand like Facebook.com/SethFargher for instance.
  • Also, be sure to add a Facebook like box to your website.  It’s a great way to make sure your social media channels and website are talking to each other which helps out with SEO.  You can do this inside of Facebook or just Google “Facebook Like Badge”

Step three is one of the most overlooked but important steps to marketing your Facebook page, engagement.  This comes through posting consistently and then engaging with fans that interact with your posts.  Most people either post too much or not enough leading the Facebook mother ship to completely ignore your page or worse, people “unlike” your page all together because you’re overloading their news feed.  Amy suggests posting 2-5 times per day and mixing it up with photos, videos, questions and specific posts that are likely to get an interaction, like a “like” “share” or a comment.

When people interact with your posts, it tells the Facebook super computer that “Hey this person has got it going on!” and forces more of those posts into the news feed of your followers.  Being SEEN is a crucial and important first step in increasing engagement with Facebook followers but the next step is getting them to engage with your posts by clicking "like," "share" or leaving a comment.

A great way to do that is to include a call to action.  You can ask a question or share a statistic and ask people to “Like” if they agree.  People might internally agree with you but unless they specifically interact with your post on Facebook, it does nothing for your engagement score.  That engagement score is ultimately what gets your posts out in the news feed and in front of potential customers.  As a means of increasing your engagement score, Amy highly recommends the use of images.  Typically photos generate 53% more likes than an average post.  That means your 2-5 posts per day had better be including some images!

Another method is to ask questions that are fun for people to respond to, like fill in the blank.  “The weekend can’t get here fast enough because_______.”  Not only does it spark engagement, but it makes people feel like they have a platform to share what it is they’re up to or why they’re ready for the work week to end.

Lastly Amy offered some image specific strategies to help you create interest and encourage your followers to interact with your posts.  One of my favorites and the one I couldn’t agree more with is the idea of giving people a peak at your personal life.

In this day and age, personal touch is absent just about everywhere.  It’s almost uncommon for a live person to answer the phone anymore and everything in our society is moving more and more towards automation.  Offering a glimpse into your personal life by way of photos, personal status updates etc reminds people that they’re working with a real, live human being.  As more and more organizations are leaning towards automation and doing away with the personal touch, I think we are finding out that people miss genuine interaction.  We want to do business with people who care about us, even if it may cost a little more.  We want to feel good about the purchases we make.

Allowing customers or fans to get a glimpse of who you are as a business is a great way to build a relationship that will earn a customers trust and respect.

It would take a book to cover all of the useful information that she offered in this webinar but I encourage you to start by liking her Facebook page and then subscribe to her email list.   She offers a TON of useful Facebook marketing tips, totally free, as well as some programs that you can purchase if you want to really ramp up your marketing campaign. 

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