FATI know what you’re thinking and while it might not be the most politically correct title for a blog, I promise it’s STUFFED with value.  (Sorry couldn’t resist!)

F.A.T. is an acronym my football coach in college taught us that he used when recruiting new players.  I’ve found the acronym to be appropriate for many walks of life and absolutely relevant in the workplace.

Today, employers are lucky to find workers who will show up on time, let alone do their job, do it well and heaven forbid, go above and beyond. ...continue reading


I’m as cheap as the day is long.  Seriously.  If Southwest Airlines would replace their seats with wooden benches and drop the cost of a ticket, I’d buy stock in the company.  Call me crazy but I will endure a fairly high level of discomfort if it means saving money.  I’m very independent, I trust my intuition and I want the rock bottom, beat all price no matter where I go.

That said, as I get older, I’m starting to see my propensity to find the “best deal” slip.  I find myself more appreciative of things like good customer service or something as simple as a live, English speaking voice on the other end of the phone and I’m actually willing to pay a little extra for it.  Why?  Because I want to be taken care of.  I want to feel like I matter.  I don’t want to be just a number in a file or a dollar sign that walked through the door. ...continue reading


I miss this guy.  Terribly.  Our friendship came about in the most unlikely of circumstances.  In fact, in the years after college, we both admitted that we didn’t really like each other at first.

My first dose of Randy was in a shuttle from the ST Louis Airport back to Greenville College where we both were arriving as freshman for college football camp.  I hopped in the van to be greeted by this rather interesting looking character with shoulder length hair, a bandana and tie dyed shirt who was clutching a ceramic statue of a monkey on a surf board. ...continue reading


I’m about a month away from getting married.  My fiancé and I have been together for almost two and a half years, most of it long distance.  As we inch closer and closer the big day, I’ve become more keenly aware of some simple do’s and don’ts that make life, and our relationship, so much more enjoyable.  These aren’t hard and fast, they’re simply things that we’ve found to work for us and I think most people would find, can really help eliminate some of the petty issues that arise in relationships. ...continue reading


A few months ago I was in Oregon on a “business” trip with some friends.  From the airport we were suppose to jump on I 205 and head for southern Oregon.  Somehow, in leaving the airport one of the cars managed to get on 205 north and started heading toward Seattle.

After a couple phone calls and figuring out where they were, we got them turned around and back on course.

The purpose of this little story is to illustrate that direction, not intention, determines your destination.  My friends, although well intended, were headed in the wrong direction.  They needed to go south and they were heading north.  No amount of positive thinking, hard work or will power could change the fact that if they kept going in that direction, they would end up farther and farther from their destination. ...continue reading

I remember the first time I “met” Caleb.  An editor from a magazine spied a photo of my ratty new freestyle ramp on facebook and asked if I’d be interested in doing a story on building ramps.  He recommended I get some feedback from Caleb to give the story some credibility.

I reached out to him through facebook and to my complete awe, he responded and gave me his phone number.  I sat in my living room in Dufur Oregon that night and dialed his number, in complete disbelief when he came on the phone.

I had watched Caleb’s career explode through the lens of youtube from my dorm room at college.  I was overcome with envy and respect for this guy that could ride an ATV like no other.  As I moved on from college and out into the real world, my greatest dream became to work with and around Caleb and the Bomb Squad freestyle team. ...continue reading

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When I first moved in with a young married couple in California I was VERY cautious.  It was, after all, their home and it was spacious to say the least.  The woman did an amazing job of keeping house and I felt very blessed to live there.

So as not to wear out my welcome, I went to great lengths not to disrupt their lives or her seemingly perfect and orderly household.  I took off my shoes when entering, kept all my belongings in my room and I never even considered leaving a dirty dish in the sink.  Then a funny thing happened, I got comfortable.

Over time as I became more and more comfortable with them and got used to living under their roof, my habits slid a little.  I started wearing my shoes around the house and leaving my personal affects on the table or counter.  If the dishwasher was clean and needed emptying rather than empty it, I confess on more than one occasion I just left my dishes in the sink.  I even started resting my shoes or grubby bare feet on the coffee table in the living room.  Although I witnessed other people do it from time to time, I can’t imagine she appreciated that.  In short, I got comfortable with “the way things were” and my habits changed. ...continue reading