Practicing Contentment: In the Workplace


Job satisfaction is a relatively modern concept.  Ask your grandparents if they felt a great deal of satisfaction in the workplace and you'll probably get a puzzled look.  Most of our grandparents, certainly, our great grandparents, lived in a time where you did what you had to, to survive.  Work was a means of providing for a family, not a source of fulfillment or satisfaction.

Today our culture is quite different.  Today if you don't have a job that you love you're missing something.  Today if you're not thinking two steps ahead, planning your next move or climbing the ladder, you're in danger of being left behind.  And if you don't enjoy what you do every day, you need to quit and go do what makes you happy.

There are days I don't really like my job.  There are days I feel under appreciated or like my talents might be better used somewhere else.  Many times I find myself doing seemingly meaningless tasks that have nothing to do with my job title, but someone above me asked and so it has to be done.

And thats ok.

My job is that.  A job.  No one has their job title inscribed on their headstone.  My job isn't my legacy, my future nor my salvation.  It IS however, the means by which I support myself and my family so we can live and ultimately serve God.

My responsibility is first to Christ, then to my wife.  Which means providing for her (and one day our family) trumps whether or not I feel satisfied in my place of employment.  You can believe the lie that our culture feeds you that you deserve a job that you love, and spend the rest of your life trying to find that job, but chances are whatever you find will only satisfy temporarily and you'll be looking for something new.

Additionally, as a believer, God is more concerned with my performance in the workplace than what I do for a living.  That I do the job He has given me to the best of my ability.  Not complain about my gifts and talents being better suited for something else.

Is it wrong to want something better? No. Is it ungodly to pursue a dream? Not in the slightest.  But when the dream job becomes a "right" and something that the world owes us, we're in grave danger of making the wrong thing an idol.  We begin sacrificing the things that really matter for this grand notion that this "thing" will bring satisfaction.

True satisfaction can only be found in Christ.  You have only to surf the web or turn on the TV to find successful people, with stupid amounts of money, who are miserable.

For the rest of us, our call is to work hard, steward well and trust God.  That means working hard, in the position we are in and trusting that when we need more, God will provide.  A new job.  A promotion.  A completely new direction.  His provision comes in all shapes and sizes, but the real call is learning to be, and serve where He has us and trust Him with the outcome.

Colossians 3:23 says "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as though working for the Lord rather than for men."

So for me that means I edit videos, take pictures, write press releases and occasionally, hang pictures, fold apparel and do any other menial tasks that are asked of me, because by doing my job and all that is asked of me, regardless of how I feel about it, is what God has called me to.

What's an area of your life that God is teaching you to be content in? 

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